Henny | Bentwood chair | First prototype | Stuhlfabrik Schnieder | 2019

Schnieder has been producing solid wood chairs for restaurant and catering use for more than 100 years. The firm continues to employ the bentwood technique in its chair models. The special feature resulting from this technique is that it allows the back- and armrest to be formed from a single continuous piece.

The frame is arranged beneath the armrests. Its design takes into account static considerations while consuming a minimum of materials. The back legs are tapered to follow the contours of the seat cushion. As the legs barely project above the armrests, they present only a minimal risk of tripping when the chair is used in a narrow space.

Like a sculpture work, the design of this chair evolved as the model shown here was being built.

The back- and armrest of the Kontorstuhl office chair, also from Schnieder, formed the basis of this design and was reworked to suit the current chair form.

The chair is in production, but the development process has not yet been concluded.


beech, oak or ash, upholstery